Subtle Cruelties

by Barren Harvest

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Released 2014 on Handmade Birds


released March 15, 2014

Barren Harvest is
Lenny Smith: vocals/synth
Jessica Way: vocals/guitar/autoharp/synth/bulbul tarang

All songs by Barren Harvest. lyrics for the Memoriam series adapted in part from the poem "In Memoriam" by Alfred Lord Tennyson. Lyrics for The Bleeding/Subtle Cruelty adapted in part from the poem "The Silent Articulation of a Face" by Rumi

cover and tree photography: Jessica Way, all other photography: Veleda Thorsson
Design, logo and layout by Kevin Gan Yuen

Recorded by Jessica Way, Mixed by Greg Wilkinson @ Earhammer Studios, Mastered by James Plotkin

Very special thanks to the following individuals made this album possible: Rich Loren, Kevin Gan Yuen, Andrew S Way, Javon Smith, Veleda Thorsson, Greg Wilkinson, James Plotkin
Thank you to the following for your love and support: The Smith/Noel Family, The Way Family, Atriarch, Worm Ouroboros. Agalloch, Sutekh Hexen, Alaric, Ash Borer, Aaron Jones, Matthew Waldron, Garek Jon Druss, Chiyo Nukaga, Blake Green, Patricia Cram, Ryan Jencks, James Livingston, Mike Meacham, Jake Rothlisberger, Zack Allen



all rights reserved


Barren Harvest Portland, Oregon

Barren Harvest is the collaboration between Lenny Smith (Atriarch/Trees) and Jessica Way (Worm Ouroboros)

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Track Name: Memoriam II
Beneath this flame you disappear
your light a prayer on deafened ear

Fly my flame, the stars they run
a web is wove across the sky
I fail my blood

These thine like orbs of light and shade
thy maddest life, thy maddest death
your foot upon the skull
your foot upon the skull which you have made
Track Name: Heavens Age
Where you falter
beyond my reach
where you fell
beyond, unseen

Here lie broken

All these roses that you and I slip beneath pages
of our word, of our sin
all these songbirds that you and I place within cages
to still a voice, to stop a fear

What caused heavens to age
what caused this sword to snap

All light stops beneath our hands
in your skull this glass is sand
here lie broken and die in mid-bloom
here lie broken sigh, shudder,
and lie within thought
Track Name: Coil Uncoil
Cold and tired in the twilight
to reflect on what's lost
trapped in time, bent and withered
so much beauty is lost

I surround myself in the darkness
without light I see clear
and I can't escape from the echos
coil uncoil, coil uncoil
now I see what is lost

Shadows veil the dim valley
so much beauty is lost
golden bough in my hands
no more strength in these arms
coil uncoil, coil uncoil

As the rust takes the iron, coil uncoil
through these halls shattered ivory, coil uncoil
as the ash coats the orchard, coil uncoil
in this my bitter autumn, coil uncoil
in this my bitter autumn, coil uncoil
Track Name: Claw and Feather
So pale so pale this heart has worn
pale and pale these hollowed bones
claw and feather now become
she wants to be flowers

Claw and feather
my beautiful flower

You are mourning skin cold to touch
darkened skies cold and lost
in our skin we have love
hollowed shell cold to the touch
in our skin chaos reigns
have no fear
Track Name: Memoriam VI
Old trees grasp at stones
they name the underlying dead
their fibers net the dreamless head
roots will wrap around bone
roots will wrap around bones

Gazing on this sullen tree
I have failed
sickened by its stubborn strength
I have failed

I grow incorporate into this ancient vein
I have failed
sorrow's cruel fellowship
worshiped in the vault of death

I have failed my own blood
I have failed my own blood

Gazing on this sullen tree
sickened by its stubborn strength
sorrows create fellowship
worshiped in the vault of death
Track Name: Reveal
Through realms of sleep, here truth lies formless
joy and grief, hollow
she walks in arbors of night

Then in days warm and blue
as hope and heart form in you
but she wasn't there with thee
oh how the light obscures her beauty

Free me from this light
free me from this grave

These dying suns, these dying stars
they pull no longer
reveal, reveal

To bend to tear in this gale
and be no longer
reveal, reveal

The dreamer, the believer, has opened up his veins
these dying moons spin out of view, then pull to you
reveal, reveal

These dying suns these dying stars reveal
to end the day to end the night
reveal, reveal

The dreamer has opened up his veins
reveal, reveal
the believer has opened up his veins
reveal, reveal